Extraordinary results at Pioneer Club Beijing!

Since 2014, Dennis Veugelers has been participating in the Beijing Pioneer Club, the leading derby race in China. 2017 was a glorious year for Dennis Veugelers! 3 home-bred pigeons qualified in the top of the ace pigeons of the Pioneerclub. The special thing is that these pigeons are related to each other, and also related to the super pigeon Pioneer of 2015.

The Pioneerclub in Beijing is the most famous pigeon organisation in China. They organize the world biggest and toughest race and all the best fanciers of China are participating. The 4 final races are the hardest ones. In only 4 weeks the young birds have to fly 4 races with a distance of approximately 550km, from different directions varying from west-southwest till east-southeast. The intensive racing program makes it very difficult for the young birds. After the final race the Ace-pigeons are determined, by the highest average speed over the 4 races.

Only the strongest birds will prevail! Every year they start with approximately 30,000 – 40,000 pigeons. About 10,000 pigeons make it to the start at the first 550km race. Only these pigeons count in the Ace-pigeon competition. It’s an honor to participate at the Pioneerclub and deliver top performance!


2e acepigeon Pioneerclub 2017:

CHN2017-2000257 is winner of:

2e Acepigeon Pioneerclub 2017 – 10.005 p.
1e Final race 520km 1.707 p.
29e Third Race 550km 2.435 p.
35e First Race 550 km 6.928 p.

CHN2017-2000257 is bred from “Inbred Ché” x “Helen”:


6e acepigeon Pioneerclub 2015:

CHN2015-00606 is winner of:

6e Acepigeon Pioneerclub 2015 – 7.755 p.
3e Final race 550km 
48e First Race 550 km
114e Second Race 550km

CHN2015-00606 is bred from “98 van Koen” x “Granddaugter 800”:


13e acepigeon Pioneerclub 2012:

CHN2012-01-996682 (bred in China) is winner of:

13e Acepigeon Pioneerclub 2012
17e First Race 450 km
116e Final Race 550 km

CHN2012-01-996682 is bred from “Sjaak 2010” x “Miss 35”:


37e acepigeon Pioneerclub 2017:

CHN2017-2000260 is bred from “CHUCK NORRIS” x “Super Bijter 173”:

54e acepigeon Pioneerclub 2017:

CHN2017-2000260 is bred from “De Pruus” x “Daughter Seagal”: