Little Tiger


“Little Tiger” is sire to NL21-1398898:
25e SRS Melun 356km 1.385 p.
37e SRS Sens 366km 1471 p.
56e S.Prov. Chalons 3.433 p.
67e SRS Marche 100km 1.131 p.

“Little Tiger” is sire to NL22-7078431:
35e S.Prov. Cimay 153km 3.020 p.

“Little Tiger” is brother to CHN17-2000260:
37e Acepigeon Pioneerclub Beijing 2017

“Little Tiger” is brother to “Milan”:
5e Prov. Rethel 200km 9.436 p. (1e/2.329p.)
9e MMS Issoudun 535km 1.896 p.
26e NPO Melun 356km 6.039 p. (1e/595p.)
34e Dist.4 Rethel 200km 2.635 p.
49e MMS Rethel 200km 3.517 p.
63e MMS Isnes 100km 2.059 p.
94e Nat. Issoudun 535km 14.788 p.
99e MMS Rethel 200km 4.588 p.

“Little Tiger” is brother to “Hellbound”:
2e Dist.4 Rethel 200km 2.589 p. (1e/564p.)
3e Dist.4 Sens 366km 1.159 p. (1e/219p.)
10e Prov. Chalons 256km 11.886 p.
11e Dist.4 Reims 200km 1.301 p.
14e Dist.4 Lorris 426km 3.936 p.
17e Dist.4 Reims 237km 4.376 p.
20e MMS Melun 356km 3.287 p.
22e Dist.4 Rethel 200km 3.303 p.
26e Dist.4 Sens 366km 3.551 p.
62e Dist.4 Sezanne 300km 2.462 p.
89e Dist.4 Sezanne 300km 4.535 p.

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