“Clementine” is sire to “Liz”:
7e NPO Sens 366km 9.440 p.
10e MMS Rethel 200km 1.752 p.
22e SRS Chalons 256km 1.873 p.
29e SPC Mettet 100km 1.277 p.
48e SRS Rethel 200km 1.901 p.
64e Prov. Rethel 200km 12.840 p.

“Clementine” is sire to “Tessy”:
27e NPO Montlucon 574km 3.236 p.
29e NPO Melun 356km 2.785 p.
56e MMS Sezanne 300km 1.130 p.
79e Nat. Issoudun 535km 12.191 p.

“Clementine” is sire to “Lizzy”:
18e NPO Melun 347km 13.978 p.
34e MMS Chalons 256km 1.877 p.
53e SRS Sens 366km 1.055 p.

“Clementine” is halfbro to “Daughter Seagal”:
1e Dis4 Marche 100km 2.899 p.
“Daughter Seagal” is dam to CHN17-2000265:
54e Acepigeon Pioneerclub Beijing 2017

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Super racer and breeder!
Gr.sire to 54e Acep. Pioneerclub 2017


Son 1e nat. Blois 33.709p.


Direct Eijerkamp, 3x inbred to “Olympiade”

 NL13-1523573 "Odin"

Halfsis 6e Acep. Pioneerclub’15


“611 De Bijter”


Dam to 6th Acep. Pioneerclub’15