“Eijerkamp pigeons” the best addition to the “Veugelers” strain

Dennis Veugelers has been good friends with the Eijerkamp family for more than 15 years.
In these 15 years, 8 Eijerkamp pigeons were purchased. All these Eijerkamp pigeons are crossed with the best of the best of the “Veugelers” strain. 6 pigeons, out of the 8, produced super descendants at Dennis’ loft and also at the one loft races in Beijing China, UNKNOWN!!

In 2005 Dennis becomes a pigeon from Hans en Evert-Jan Eijerkamp, (NL05-2106476) named “Vandenabeele duivn”, through a donation to youth members of the NPO. The “Vandenabeele duivn” becomes Granddam to “Mika Häkkinen”, winner 1e nat. Blois 2010.

“Mika Häkkinen”, grandson to direct Eijerkamp pigeon “Vandenabeele duivn”:


In 2011 the “Vandenabeele duivn” moved to the Eijerkamp family en Dennis started co-breeding.
From this co-breeding Dennis got a fabulous breeding cock “Ronker 211”. “Ronker 211” is sire to “Bond 007”, Dennis’ best racing hen ever!

“Bond 007”, daughter to co-breeding Eijerkamp pigeon “Ronker 211”:


In 2011 Dennis bought a hen at Eijerkamp. Again from the “Vandenabeele” strain. NL11-1344744 “Daughter of Damien” is a daughter from “Damien” x “Sanne”.
“Daughter of Damien” is dam to “Steven Seagal”, new Basic Breeder at Dennis’ loft.

“Steven Seagal” son to direct Eijerkamp pigeon “Daughter of Damien”:

At PIPA Eijerkamp sold in november 2012 some youngsters and yearlings. Dennis was immediately fond of one particular pigeon, the NL11-1343783 “Inbred Ché”.
This purchase turns out to be the best ever. “Inbred Ché” is one Dennis’ best breeders ever and is father to a.o. “Kevlar” and “2e Ace Pioneer”.

“2e Ace Pioneer” son to direct Eijerkamp pigeon “Inbred Ché”:

“Kevlar” son to direct Eijerkamp pigeon “Inbred Ché”:

Later Dennis also bought a granddaughter of the famous Ché, NL12-1230605 “Gina”.
“Gina” is dam to “Lieke” and “Ireen”, two top racing hens!

“Ireen” daughter to direct Eijerkamp pigeon “Gina”: