“Mika” winner 1e Nat. Blois and super breeder

“Mika Häkkinen” is winner of :

1e Nat. Blois 505 km 33.709 p.
2e Wefo Charleville 165km 3.609 p. (1e/1.613p.)
23e NPO Pithiviers 413km 4.575 p. (1e/285p.)
37e Wefo Reims 237km 3.319 p. (1e/419p.)
40e NPO Chateauroux 560km 2.528 p. (1e/156p.)
41e Wefo Rethel 200km 2.705p.
58e Wefo Orleans 450km 1.964 p.
60e NPO Gien 439km 2.940 p.

After winning the 1e Nationaal Blois “Mika Häkkinen” (NL18-1897434) was sold to China by Gebr. Herbots.
In 2010 en 2011 Herbots bred 2 top youngsters from “Mika Häkkinen”, named “Blitzy Blois”(BE10-2192897) and “George” (BE11-2186246).

Later “Mika” moved to china. Also in China “Mika” is a super breeder!


“George” (son “Mika Häkkinen”) is winner of:

9e Nat. Ace >1/2 FOND KBDB
1e Pithiviers 306km 1.897 p.
1e Argenton 538km 1.346 p.
1e Chateauroux 509km 1.191 p.

“Blitzy Blois” (daughter “Mika Häkkinen”) is winner of:

1e Prov. Ace >1/2 FOND KBDB
1e I.Prov. Argenton 538km 1.723 p.
1e I.Prov. La Souterraine 574km 1.712 p.
1e I.Prov. La Souterraine 574km 1.459 p.
1e I.Prov. La Souterraine 574km 1.202 p.
1e I.Prov. Gueret 569km 583 p. (+1e Semi-Nat.)
1e Orleans 396km 380 p.

1e Toury 371km 165 p.
2e I.Prov. Bourges 458km 3.271 p. (1e/198p.)

At my loft I put the children of “Mika” directly to the breeding loft.
The children of “Mika” are very good breeders. “Mika” is already gr.sire to:


“STEVEN SEAGAL” (gr.son “Mika Häkkinen”) is winner of:

2e Acepigeon Speed WeFo-Limburg 2014
1e Dist.4 Charleville 165km 3.659 p.
2e NPO Orleans 450km 2.876 p. (1e/809p.)
3e Dist.4 Epernay 263km 3.284 p. (1e/442p.)
4e Prov. Charleville 165km 14.653 p.
11e Prov. Reims 237km 7.047 p.
11e Nat. Orleans 450km 15.815 p.
17e Prov. Epernay 263km 13.077 p.
60e Prov. Sezanne 300km 16.052 p.


“Ireen” (gr.daughter “Mika Häkkinen”) is winner of:

2e NPO Lorris 427km 14.050 p. (1e/962p.)
25e Prov. Rethel 200km 3.610 p.
33e NPO Gien 439km 3.759 p.
36e NPO Lorris 427km 5.520 p.
38e Prov. Rethel 200km 15.190 p.
62e Prov. Rethel 200km 10.912 p.

“Lieke” (gr.daughter “Mika Häkkinen”) is winner of:

3e Prov. Rethel 200km 3.610 p.  (1e/290p.)
4e NPO Troyes 332km 11.811 p. (1e/2.835p.)
17e Dist.4 Marche 100km 4.310 p.
51e Prov. Rethel 200km 11.811 p.
58e NPO Sens 366km 17.032 p.  (1e/393p.)